About Us

Property Options is run by Del Brown and Rob Brown:

Del BrownMy name is Del Brown and my passion for business surfaced some 25 years ago.

Having launched a Building Company, I quickly diversified into Property investment and management.

My entrepreneurial flair gained momentum and my portfolio of properties grew at a rapid rate, as did my knowledge.

In Property Options I have teamed up with Rob Brown, (no relation!) also a well-respected and successful property investor.

Between us we currently own somewhere in the region of 180 – 200 properties and have been involved in over 300 property transactions.

Throughout our careers we have given advice and resources to friends and associates, so to set up a business to help individuals experiencing difficulties in the property market seems like a natural progression for us both. Property Options arrived!

Bristol Harbour ApartmentsI was born and educated in Bristol and believe in supporting local people and local businesses.

Without exception all of our contractors are local people and we have loyal relationships built on trust and respect, over many years.

Both Rob and I are highly motivated to help others and enthusiastic about business.

We have years of experience buying and renting property, using all kinds of different structures and approaches. We love doing great property deals – and we love working with other people.

If we sound like the type of people and investors that you would like to work with, get in touch today!



PS – why not check out my personal website:  www.delbrown.co.uk